Spark Expedition™ is an online discovery program designed for the life-long adventurer drawn towards purpose-driven, impact-oriented work. 

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Drawing upon best practices from design thinking, Spark Expedition's unique programming and online approach encourages and facilitates personal and professional exploration and play. 

Through introspective prompts and activities, you will get the chance to explore your current terrain and forge your own path. 



During your expedition experience, you will be guided through three Expedition Phases that will give you the chance to survey existing and future landscapes, map out new pathways, and discover disruptive models and mindsets. Each phase will last approximately two weeks, allowing plenty of time for exploration.

A series of Expedition Challenges will give you the chance to document your journey and, if you choose, share and connect with a cohort of fellow travelers. 

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There are two ways to travel through the Spark Expedition:

  • Solo Traveler - This experience is perfect for those who want to move at their own pace to give them time to meander. Solo Travelers get full access to the Spark Expedition program, including timely check-point emails that will invite them to share progress or discoveries from Expedition Challenges. 

  • Group Traveler - This experience is designed specifically for those interested in building a strong community with like-minded adventurers. In addition to full-access to the Spark Expedition program, Group Travelers will be invited to join a small group of travelers who will support each other through biweekly group phone calls and feedback. Participation is by application only.

Both Solo and Group Travelers will receive access to the full Spark Expedition program. 


Whether you are ready to explore new territory or don’t quite know where to start, Spark Expedition is a journey you won’t want to miss.


The next expedition launches this winter.